Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day!

What a fun day! We spend the morning at Tobin and Aubry's home and Laura had fun playing with her cousins Aizlyn and Espin while Joel played tennis with his brother. Then we went to Joel's grandmother's home in the afternoon for a BBQ and swim party! It was Laura's first time in a pool, and she loved it! It was too cold for me, so Joel swam with Laura. Isn't she cute in her pink swimsuit! Cousin Perrin loves Laura and had fun swimming with her and Joel.


Laura got two gift cards to Target, one from my great aunt Joanne and great uncle Ron, and also from my uncle Davin and aunt Lisa. As I wrote the thank you letters, I thought it would be so fun to show them what I bought: DIAPERS!!! You can never have to many!

Our friends the Pollocks!

Our friends Kennedy, Mckenzie and Grayson came to spend the night with us. Joel and I thought our home was baby proof, but when your baby doesn't crawl, it doesn't really count. So we learned what changes we need to make once Laura becomes mobile! We had a fun time coloring, playing games and watching a movie. Then it was bath time, followed by bed time, then Laura ate and went to bed, and then Joel and I fell into bed! What a fun day!

What a nice group shot!

Candid photo!

Daddy's softball game

Laura and I went to Joel's softball game! Joel has a game every Wednesday night and we went to cheer him on! Sadly, his team did not win that night, but Joel had several good hits, and caught a fly ball. He is one of the BEST players on the team! GO JOEL!!!

Laura visits Nommy and Papa at work!

Laura visits Nommy at her 1st grade class in Lake Arrowhead. Laura loves being around children!

Laura and Papa were hard at work being cute while Kristen organized Papa's desk and shelves.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More sleep!

I am so happy! Laura has slept through the night WITHOUT crying for 5 nights now! I'm not counting Thursday and Friday when we had a little crying around 2:30 am, but since Sat night she has slept through! Yea! Thanks to "Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Night Time Sleep." This book is AMAZING!!! I think 50% of Laura sleeping through the night is due to this wonderful book and the other 50% is that she is simply a SWEET and CALM baby! Can't get enough of her!!!