Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy baby

Ryan is such a smiler! Everywhere we go people will say "What a happy baby!" He loves to smile and coo at you which makes you smile right back! (This is good when you are changing a poopy diaper that's shot up his back and requires a wardrobe change.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby food

Ryan had his first baby food on Sept 1, his 5 month birthday! I think he enjoyed the rice cereal.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 cute girls

Rocking the sunglasses!

Too sunny!


Thank you Gamze for sharing all your toys while we stayed with you. Thank you for paying extra special attention to Ryan and giving him lots of LOVE and kisses!

Visting the Gunvers

We enjoyed our visit to San Diego immensely! We arrived Friday night and woke up Saturday morning to abelskievers with lemon curd, or strawberry jam or syrup! Yum! Then we went to the lagoon and had a wonderful time! Gokhan did his great BBQ and De made a delicious pasta salad to go with the corn on the cob and watermelon. What a great summer dinner eaten outside!

We enjoyed our visit!

Yup, that is 107 jars/containers of baby food. GTM had Gerber, Earth's Best and Beech Nut on sale so we stocked up! Thanks also to Aubry for giving me some chicken and beef!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Happy 5th Anniversary! Joel surprised me with 2 dozen long stem hot pink roses! Jed babysat for us so we could go to dinner at Chilie's and see the final Harry Potter. A nice night. We are looking forward to September when we go to Vegas (without any kids!) to see The Lion King!

We went to Nommy's school to "help" her get ready before school started.

Laura loved all the toys and books!

Did you forget there was a crack in between the beds?

Yes, YOU are the little brother!