Friday, May 18, 2012

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga does free photos with Santa during December. You get a free 5x7 and can order more if you want. You can also take your own camera in and took photos, which is what we did. Joel got there early and got 2 tickets for the time slot we wanted , while I picked up the kids from Tanya and took them back to my work and got them ready in the bathroom. We met Daddy at Bass, and while Joel and Ryan waited in line, I watched Laura while she went on the free merry-go-round. Of course all the animals were bears, reindeer etc, just what you would expect at Bass! The Santa was AMAZING! He was in a closed room so it wasn't noisy, and he was so kind and gracious. I had been prepping her for a while, and she met Santa at the ward party, but I wanted these photos to be perfect, and they are!
Waiting for our turn to meet Santa
I love Ryan's goofy smile!

Ward Christmas Party

We had a great time at the ward Christmas party. Laura and Ryan enjoyed meeting Santa and getting a candy cane! We brought our Christmas tree, fake with pre-strung lights, (thanks Steve!) to the party where I hung "ornaments" of all the primary kids. I took their photo, cut into a circle, and tied with red yard. They looked great! At the end of the night everyone took their photo home. (Too bad I didn't get a picture of it)
Don't you love Laura's pink cowgirl boots with her Christmas dress? (one of her Christmas dresses?)

Mama & Ryan's Santa Suit

I love my snuggly bear, such a cute smile! He makes a perfect Snata with his roly-poly cheeks!

Nommie & Ryan's Santa Suit

So Sweet!! We are at Nommie and Papa's house in Lake Arrowhead before Nommie left to pick up Kelly in Urugay from her mission.

Stripey pj girls

Elizabeth and Laura in their matching striped pjammas. So cute! They love each other so much!

Grandpa and Ryan

Grandpa, We love you! I love these photos of you with your Great-Grandson.