Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gramps and Grams

On Friday I met Gramps, Joel's dad, in San Bernardino after he got off work. He took Laura home for the weekend! I had to work on Saturday at the volunteering project to plant trees at Glen Helen Regional Park with my work, and Joel had to work Sat as well. So it was a great time for Laura to go to Gramps and Grams house for the weekend! Friday night Joel and I rode his motorcycle to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Neither of us could finish our dinner so we got to-go boxes. Then we walked next door to Macy's for their Clinique bonus days sale. We went back to the motorcycle and wondered...Hmmm...how do we get all this stuff home? Each food bag went on a mirror, and the Macy's bag went in the tiny compartment underneath the seat. Sat we went to Ontario Mills to get new work shoes for Joel. I had a forever 21 gift card and got a new jacket and Joel got a new shirt. Two fun evenings! Sunday after church we drove up to Arrowhead to get Laura and have a really good dinner of BBQ chicken and ribs! We missed Laura, but it was fun to have a couples weekend!
Laura loves shoes, here she is trying on Grams shoes. I didn't pack a church dress for Laura and my mom found this one somewhere. She looks like a princess holding the hem up!

We were getting ready to leave and I changed Laura into her pjs. She took her blanket and spread it out and laid down on it. She was obviously very tired from her fun weekend!

Thank you Holly and Steve for watching her! We love you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Rain Boots

My mom and I were shopping at Target for boots for her. She wanted to get a tall pair so she could continue kayaking at Lake Arrowhead even though the water is cold. Well, they were such a good deal I decided to get a pair for myself! Of course, the real reason I bought them was the color! Hot pink with white polka dots!!! Since then I've been looking for a pair for Laura. She needs rain boots as well. I couldn't find them in her size at Target so my next stop was the Children's Place Outlet in Barstow. Wow. They were having great sales. We are now done with our Christmas shopping for all the nieces and nephews!! I found this cute pair there; I love the cupcakes on them. We tried them on her that night and she wouldn't take them off. The next day she wanted to wear them all day again. She loves them!