Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going on a ride!

You can see that she is smiling but holding on with one hand to the seat! Excited but slightly scared! We were getting a patch sewn on Joel's leather motorcycle vest and this ride was outside. Joel told her she could go on the ride and after she got used to it she really enjoyed it! Look at her big smile in the next pictures!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eating lunch outside

Last Wednesday Laura and I had lunch outside because it was a beautiful day! Laura's outside chair makes the perfect booster seat at the picnic table.

Going on the slide

We have flowers in our backyard! Here's our rose

And here is our hibiscus

Laura loves to say cheese for the camera!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Resting with a book

While I was typing on the computer Laura dragged her pillow, blanket and book over. She looks so cute reading and relaxing!

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Laura and I are in our green for St. Patrick's Day. I hadn't done my hair or makeup yet, but we wanted to take the picture before Joel left for work. Laura is wearing her new bow from Aunt Terry from my work.

Dirty faces

Joel watched Laura and Pason on his day off. They got very dirty playing outside while Joel mowed the front and back lawn.

Busy Saturday!

While Joel put new tires on Tobin's truck, Tobin, Aizlyn, Laura and I went to the park to play!

Then we went to Pason's 4th birthday party! Joel, Laura and Aizlyn loved the bouncer!

After the party was over Laura and I went shopping with Gramps and Grams and got sheets for baby Ryan's crib! Then we drove home. Laura was so worn out she fell asleep reading her new book from Grammie.

After a good nap we went to Aubry's Walk teh Red Carpet Birthday party! It was fun dressing up!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Decorating Ryan's room

Yes, I know these are Benjamin Bunny pictures, and we're doing Ryan's room in Peter Rabbit, but still... They are so great! Now I've decided that it is a Peter Rabit/Beatrix Potter theme!
I had a Dr. checkup today and I feel VINDICATED! The Dr. said my due date is April 7, not March 30. What have I been saying ALL ALONG? That my due date is April 9!!! I guess we'll see when Ryan is born who is closer!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Orange rolls and curly hair

I made orange rolls for breakfast and thought they were very good! The dough had cottage cheese mixed in and the filling had orange zest. The frosting on top had butter, powered sugar and orange juice. Joel took a few bites and then very calmly walked into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal. When he sat back down at the table I looked at him and he said "I didn't like it." This is a big improvement from the applesauce incident!

I bought sponge hair curlers and last night after Laura's bath put her hair in the curlers so they would dry while she slept. She looked so cute in her herringbone jumper with her curls!

No more photos please!

Someone at church brings a laundry basket every Sunday FILLED with oranges! I always take a few, and this Sun took 6. Once we got home I stripped Laura down to her diaper (because she gets Very sticky and juicy) and together we ate 4 oranges! They were Delicious!! A big Thank You to whoever is bringing them!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Cookies

Laura and I are wearing our matching aprons from Judy! Laura helped pour ingredients into the kitchenaid, with only minor spilage. Good thing I have my new Dyson with wood floor attachment to suction up the sugar!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pony Ride!

Laura and I went to Joann's today but we got there about 8:45 and they didn't open until 9am. I thought Laura could run up and down the sidewalk while we were waiting so I got her out of the car. We walked a few car lenths from the store and there were two ponies tied to a trailer being brushed! We walked over to speak to the groom and he was getting them brushed and ready to go to a pre-school for a visit. Laura got to pet the pony and touch their hair and tail. Then the owner came over and asked if Laura wanted a ride! I said Yes! so he saddled up one of the ponies and walked her around the parking lot for a minute. After we got out of the store we called Joel and Laura told him all about the horse she rode! Then we called Papa, who grew up on the farm, and Laura told him about riding the horse! What a fun morning!