Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ryan and Brielle

On Thursday Ashleigh, Pason and Brielle came over to go to the park with us. Then we went to the library for storytime and craft time. Twn we came back home and had lunch and played with toys. It was a fun cousin filled day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Laura wore her Cinco de Mayo dress to Library storytime. The librarian was so pleased, she showed Laura to the entire library that she was in her Cinco de Mayo outfit. She has two of these dresses so she wore one Wed and the other Thurs. I've been putting Ryan in Laura's crib when it is time to wake up. She likes to open her eyes and see her brother.

Hot chai

Would anyone like a drink of hot chai?

We LOVE you Gamze!

Gamze, You are a GREAT sharer! You share your clothes for Laura and your toys for Laura and Ryan. Ryan loves his octopus that Laura shakes for him. We are looking forward to coming and staying with you in August! Laura is excited about having a sleepover in your room!

Love this shirt!

When I saw this shirt I HAD to get it! Caught mid-yawn in the photo!

Early morning suggle

I nursed Ryan and laid him n the couch to get Laura's breakfast. She jumped on the couch and snuggled right up next to him. So cute I had to take a photo!

What's that say?

I love this outfit. Thanks Deanne!

Carmen Miranda

We got this outfit from my sister in law Aubry who got it from someone else. I put it on her, we took these pictures, and at the end of the day I put it in the washer and then back in the box. Not really my style, but we got a funny picture out of it! I love her dancing picture!

Feed the ducks

We went to Riverwalk and fed the ducks. Laura LOVED it! She loves going to Gamze's house and going to the lake to fed the ducks there. She wanted to pet one, but we told her no, because they might bite her finger. For days after that she would randomly say "Bite your finger!"


Laura was running so fast outside and fell down and scrapped both knees. It was the first time we've used her Winnie the Pooh bandaid. Having such a fun bandaid made her feel happier. She did milk it though, and walked with a limp with both legs and needed to "watch a show Mama."

Easter morning egg hunt

After I fed Ryan Joel and I hid the eggs in the backyard. Then we went into Laura's room and opened her blinds. "Wow, look outside! I can't believe it!" Laura jumped up, "I want to see out the window!" We showed her that the Easter Bunny had come to her backyard and left her some treats! She was so excited she slipped her sandels on right over her pj's and ran into the backyard!

Egg hunt at the park

We went to a park in Riverside Saturday before Easter for an Egg Hunt! Laura had great fun! For children 3 and under a park official would walk your child around the gated park while you waited by the gate. Strange, but that was the rule. So I waited by the gate after dropping her off and Joel pushed Ryan in the stroller while taking pictures of Laura. She loved to see the Easter Bunny, but didn't like getting close to him!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beautiful Easter outfits

Laura and Ryan looked so cute in their Easter outfits! We love them!

I'm not sre why the slide show isn't working. Click on the button "View all images" to see the photos
This photo shows Laura having a meltdown because we told her she could not take her basket of eggs to church.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We went to Disneyland and had a great time! I learned that there is a 'Mother's Room' at Disneyland that was fabulous! They had a seperate room for nursing your baby, with padded wicker chairs t sit on; a room for changing your baby with about 6 changing tables, mini toilets for little children to go potty on, a room to pump, a kitchen to warm up milk/food, highchairs, and a spot for children to play while you nursed/pumped, etc. Wow! It was really nice to have an air conditioned room to feed Ryan in! While we were in the Mothers room, Joel and Laura went on Peter Pan and the Merry go Round. I caught them at the end of the ride to get their photo! Laura always wants to go on the Merry go Round, but usually cries once she is on it! This time she was happy the whole time! We're looking forward to going again in late May once our blackout days are done.