Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joel is AMAZING!

I forgot to take a "before" picture, so these are stage 1 photos. Actually they are stage 2, since stage 1 was pouring the concrete. First Joel dug up the side next to the sidewalk and the neighbor's driveway. He made dividers and poured and leveled the concrete. Last weekend he set the blocks with mortar. He completed 1 row of blocks down the side of the yard and 2 rows in the front. He also ran electricity so we can have a light on the column at the corner of the driveway. He plans to do 3 or 4 rows in the front and 2 or 3 rows going up the side. All of that will have to wait until the next weekend he has off!
He really wanted to finish the first row on the side before he stopped for the night, so I put Laura to bed and then wrapped up in a blanket. I read my book while sitting in a camping chair in the garage so I could keep him company. It was cold, so I made us some hot chocolate while he was working.
Once the blocks are finished he plans to cover them in stacked stone or tile. We haven't decided which one yet. It looks amazing, and I am so PROUD of him for all his hard work!

Who needs toys when you can sit in the dirt with a fork?

Laura's fur coat

Doesn't every girl need a faux fur coat? A big THANK YOU to Tanya! It is a little big for her, but that means it will fit wonderfully this fall and winter! She enjoyed snuggling up in her coat while reading her book before we left to go to church.

Relief Society Service Auction

The Relief Society Service Auction was last Thursday. I made a tutu and matching hairbow for the auction. It was really easy. I did 4 layers of pale pink tule and one layer of the shimmery hot pink. For those of you who came to my wedding recption, this material might look familiar. Yes, the hot pink was the runner on the tables and the tule was everywhere! What prophet said, "Use it up, make it do, or do without." I ended up getting chocolate chip bars (which were delicious!!) and ...drum roll... the parrafin foot wax and massage!!! Yea! Kelly came with me to the auction last year and that was what she got. She let me join her, since it was for two. So this year I am going to let her join me!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks Gramps!

Thanks for the box of oranges! We are eating and enjoying like crazy!

Thank you also for being a good dad to Joel. He has a good role model to be a good dad to Laura. I came out of the kitchen and saw them like this and had to take a picture. She was lying so peacefully on Joel while he rubbed her back. What a tender moment!

Dorothy shoes

"Show Mama your new shoes" (Not actually new. The dress and shoes are from a lady in my ward who gave me a box of 18 month clothes for Laura! We are so grateful because she was growing out of the 12 month so fast!) I love her 'dorothy' shoes!

Look at those Joan Walsh Augland cheeks!!!!

Watching the movie "Up" with her goldfish (Thanks Judy, she loves balloons, real or not!)


Seriously, in this outfit, playing with a flower, what's not to love? Tooooo sweet!

San Diego

Laura and I went to San Diego at the begining of May or the end of April. I'm not really sure when and can't be bothered to look at a calendar. We had a fun time playing with cousin Elizabeth and going to walks to the lake to feed the ducks. We love to visit, looking forward to another trip in August or September!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New pjs!

Here is Laura in her birthday pjs! They are from great-Grandma and Grandpa in Camarillo. Laura is turning into such a cheese-ball!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laura's first cheeto

On Saturday Laura and I went to the Kid2Kid swap, where Laura had her first cheeto! It was a fun picnic! Laura had fun playing on the playground, and playing with the other kids.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Crayons are NOT for eating

Learning how to color is difficult when you want to eat the crayon!


Laura loves to eat with her silverware. She will sometimes get mad if I don't give her any! So here she is, eating grapes with a fork!

The Earl Brothers

Here's one of the Earl brother's favorite pastimes: throwing children into the air. I had to take this picture because it was so funny that everyone was tossing a child. Joel is holding Laura, Tobin has Aizlyn and Justin has Espin. Too funny!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Who hoo, happy day to me! Breakfast in bed, beautiful roses from Joel and Laura and no diapers for me today! Celebrating in style!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I love this dress, Laura looks so cute! What a smiler! She loves to carry her lunch bag. Thank you Nommy!