Friday, February 11, 2011

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Laura's table

Once Joel got his new tv, he decided that this table wouldn't cut it anymore as the tv stand. So he decided to build a custom one. Photos to come later. So this table was the perfect height for Laura to use! The rocking chair is from Great-Grandma in Camarillo. Someday we'll get around to painting it! I've carefully positioned Duchess the lepoard to watch over Laura and make sure she is ONLY coloring on paper and NOT on the table or herself!

Cowirl boots

Laura got cowirl boots from Nommy for Christmas. She LOVES them! I love the pink and red ensamble!

Random Dec photos

Joel received his vest from his Motorcycle Group, which made him an official member of the Inland Empire Chapter! Laura and I were happy to have been invited to the meeting so we could see him receive it. We are also happy that he takes his safety very seriously and always wears his protective jacket, helmut and boots.

Laura and I before we left for Joel's motorcycle mtg.
Laura had a different Christmas dress to wear every Sunday in Dec and the last Sun of November! I wish I had taken a pic of each Sunday! Here's the two that I did take! She loves wearing my shoes!

Christmas dress with Nommy

This is my mom's Christmas dress that came from Norway that she has worn every Christmas Sunday for I don't even know how many years. I'm not sure if she made this dress for me or for Kelly. All I remember is my matching dress from when I was 8. I LOVE special sentimential clothes, like the blessing dress and this dress!

Christmas morning

Laura was so excited that Santa gave her a car for Christmas. She kept saying "Thank you Santa!" She also loved her doll stroller. She couldn't make up her mind which one she wanted to do more, sit in her car and pedel herself around, or push the stroller!

I am so excited to have an ice cream machine! Our first batch was vanilla with chopped reeses peanut butter cups mixed in. Delicious!

Here's Joel's new sweater which looks great with his baby blue eyes! (and his great biceps!)

Taking care of baby

Laura loves taking care of her baby dolls. This is good and bad, good because she will want to help out when baby Ryan is born, and bad because she might try to take over! One of her favorite phrases right now is: "I do it!"

Funny hats

Joel got a new VW hat and Laura wanted to wear it. So Joel got her hat with chin straps out of the closet so they could match. Don't you love matchy-matchy!

Disneyland with Gamze

We met Deanne, Gokhan and Gamze at Disneyland for a fun filled day! Gamze had her casts on so she had a pass that gave her handicapped priviliges to move to the front of each line. The lights at Small World were amazing! We had a GREAT day!

Christmas card photos

We had a fun time posing for the pictures! I can't believe next year there will be four of us!