Saturday, December 18, 2010

Naughty Laura

I went in to wake Laura up from her nap and found this. I didn't even know she had crayons in her pocket! Later that afternoon she was helping me 'clean up' but instead of putting things away she was putting them on!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st Presidency Christmas Devotional

Joel is in the Elders Quormn Presendecy and today they asked all the Elders to leave church, go home, change clothes and come back and help a family who had to move today. (Really? The family didn't have any advance notice that they were going to move? Nothing like procrastination) Laura and I went home once church was over, and I put her in her high chair with a bowl of yogurt. I had the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional on tv (I am so glad for BYU tv! No going to the stake ctr!) I was folding laudry and realized that Laura was falling asleep in the high chair! I wiped off her face and took her out, but didn't want to put her in her crib because I didn't want her to sleep too long. So I laid a blanket down on the floor and laid her down. I think she enjoyed the music and Presidency's soothing voices, because about one minute after the closing prayer was said, she woke up! Joel came home about 1/2 hour later, ready to relax and have a brownie and ice cream!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving fun

What a fun Thanksgiving! We enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, Deanne, Gohkan and Gamze, Brian, Heather, Bella and Maddie, Bart, Jed, Nommy, and Papa! Papa left the boat in the Carribean and flew home to be with us for Thanksgiving and will fly back next week to finish sailing to Jamaica. All the girls had matching frog pjs. So cute! We love spendng time with our family!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looking for new title

Since we are expanding our family from a trio, our blog name doesn't work anymore! I've decided to have a contest; send me an email or post a comment on the blog with a fabulous new name for our blog!
The winner will receive a $5 gift card to In-N-Out! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I finally got my Halloween pictures up! Laura was the cutest pumpkin ever with funny pumpkin tights. She loved her pumpkin bucket! She and Joel trunk-or-treated at the ward party while I passed out candy and she told Joel, "Heavy!" Joel tried to carry it for her, but she didn't want that! She'd already seen his hand go into her candy bucket and eat her licorice, and knew that she didn't want any more of that! As I passed out candy, I put some in one boys bag and said, "Happy Halloween!" He looked up at me and said "You're mean!" His dad said, "No, she's nice, she just gave you candy." "No" the boy said, "She doesn't like dogs!" And then he started to cry! His dad quickly hurried him away to the next car. I thought, well kid, you're right! Why do you think I picked this costume?
Hope everyone had a fun and candy-filled Halloween!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disney fun!

We went to Disneyland Monday afternoon with Tobin, Aubry, Aizlyn, Esppin and Ambria, who began in the morning. We had a fun time going on rides and spending time together. The parade was great fun as well! Espin was a HIT! We are happy we did the Give a Day of Service, Get a Disney Day and then got to turn those tickets in for a season pass! We are even more happy that since we moved from Victorville to Riverside we are now only 1/2 hour away! We are planning to go Mon or Tues of Thanksgiving week with cousins Elizabeth, Bella and Maddie!

CRAZY hair!

Laura's hair is getting so long! Especially after her nap it can get kind of crazy! She found my Cruella wig and wanted to put it in. Then she asked Joel, See? That means she wants to go to the bathroom and stand on the stool and see herself. We do a lot of "seeing" like when she is wearing a costume, has a tiara on, a pretty dress, etc. She is such a crack up!

Halloween Sunday Best

I love croched things! Remember that great pink dress Laura wore when she was about 6 months old? When I saw this peach dress for Laura, I HAD to have it! We're matchy-matchy in black tights, and orange crochet top! Halloween Sunday, here we come!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carving the Pumpkin

Carving the pumpkin was a fun and messy business! I forgot to take a final picture once we were done though. It sat on the windowsill in the kitchen and Sunday morning when I walked into the kitchen it had fallen over in the night and smashed! So that night as we passed out candy we had to use the fake one.

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch and had a great time! We didn't get our pumpkin there though. After we left, we went to Stater Bros grocery and bought one for $2.27! The same one would have been $15 at the patch! We also bought 3 mini pumpkins for fun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sit down

When I am getting ready in the morning, Laura will come into the bathroom and say "sit down" even though I am already sitting, and will get her comb and crawl up on the edge of the stool to comb my hair. She'll also get her comb and come sit next to me on the couch and comb my hair. I tried to get her interested in combing Joel's hair, but since his is so short, it's not really as fun!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gramps and Grams

On Friday I met Gramps, Joel's dad, in San Bernardino after he got off work. He took Laura home for the weekend! I had to work on Saturday at the volunteering project to plant trees at Glen Helen Regional Park with my work, and Joel had to work Sat as well. So it was a great time for Laura to go to Gramps and Grams house for the weekend! Friday night Joel and I rode his motorcycle to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Neither of us could finish our dinner so we got to-go boxes. Then we walked next door to Macy's for their Clinique bonus days sale. We went back to the motorcycle and do we get all this stuff home? Each food bag went on a mirror, and the Macy's bag went in the tiny compartment underneath the seat. Sat we went to Ontario Mills to get new work shoes for Joel. I had a forever 21 gift card and got a new jacket and Joel got a new shirt. Two fun evenings! Sunday after church we drove up to Arrowhead to get Laura and have a really good dinner of BBQ chicken and ribs! We missed Laura, but it was fun to have a couples weekend!
Laura loves shoes, here she is trying on Grams shoes. I didn't pack a church dress for Laura and my mom found this one somewhere. She looks like a princess holding the hem up!

We were getting ready to leave and I changed Laura into her pjs. She took her blanket and spread it out and laid down on it. She was obviously very tired from her fun weekend!

Thank you Holly and Steve for watching her! We love you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Rain Boots

My mom and I were shopping at Target for boots for her. She wanted to get a tall pair so she could continue kayaking at Lake Arrowhead even though the water is cold. Well, they were such a good deal I decided to get a pair for myself! Of course, the real reason I bought them was the color! Hot pink with white polka dots!!! Since then I've been looking for a pair for Laura. She needs rain boots as well. I couldn't find them in her size at Target so my next stop was the Children's Place Outlet in Barstow. Wow. They were having great sales. We are now done with our Christmas shopping for all the nieces and nephews!! I found this cute pair there; I love the cupcakes on them. We tried them on her that night and she wouldn't take them off. The next day she wanted to wear them all day again. She loves them!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Poor Laura. Saturday she didn't feel very well, and on Sunday Joel did an emergency drive to Victorville to borrow our friends Liz and Justin's nebulizer machine. Laura had the same breathing problem last year and the Dr. checked out a machine to us to use while the one they ordered for Laura came in the mail. Since the move, I can only find the machine, but not any of the tubing or mask. She is doing better, but is still not back to her normal cheerful self. Joel gave her a blessing on Sunday night but keep her in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

April 9

Yep, those two blue lines mean what you think it does! April 9th!
Laura will be two on Jan 31, and she will be a great big sister!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

San Diego Beach

Joel was the only one brave enough to go all the way into the water. He took the boogie board and rode some waves!

Here's one ball...

Wow! Two balls!

San Castle. A little while later an old couple were walking by on the beach and the woman just walked right through the castle, knocking down some towers! The man pointed with his cane, showing her she had just messed it up and she just shrugged! The man, still leaning heavily on his cane, nicely walked around.

Warming up on the hot sand

Heavenly breakfast! Trader Joe's whole wheat waffle mix with fresh peaches and whipped cream! Delicious!!!