Friday, August 21, 2009

3 year anniversary

Last Wednesday Joel and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Wow, we can’t believe it has gone by so fast! We celebrated by going out to dinner at Chili’s and splitting the Paradise Pie (which IS Paradise!) We took Laura with us because we can’t get enough of her! She is so cute! We’ll really celebrate our anniversary in Sept when we go to San Diego. Cousin Gamze will enjoy playing with Laura!

While Laura was taking a nap today I thought it might be a good time to start organizing all the wedding and shower cards to scrapbook. (It’s only been 3 years, I obviously did not feel the need to rush!) It was fun re-reading the good wishes of our family and friends as we prepared to be married for time and all eternity in the Redlands CA temple. Halfway through the cards, I came across an envelope. Strange, because I normally throw all envelopes away and only keep the card. So I opened it and lo and behold, out fell a check! I would cash it, but since the date on the check is 2006, I doubt the bank would accept it. Ha Ha Ha!

So here’s my advice to Katelyn who is getting married in October (we will miss you!!!) and also to my brother Jed and his finance Paige (Congrats again!) DON’T WAIT!

PS: IF YOU RECOGNIZE THIS CHECK AS YOURS AND FEEL THE NEED TO RE-ISSUE IT, DON’T. It’s going in the scrapbook on the page titled “For a good laugh keep reading”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nursing the baby

This is an excerpt from an email my aunt Deanne sent me. Her husband is Gokan and 5 year old daughter is Elizabeth. (Keep in mind while reading that Elizabeth is 5!)

On friday night I went to see Julie & Julia (cute) with my work friends. Gokhan and Elizabeth took a walk around the lake while I was gone. Elizabeth wanted to take her stroller and baby with her, Gokhan figured it was easier to just go along with it rather than argue with her. So off they went. Half way around they came to a bench and Elizabeth told Gokhan that she needed to stop and feed her baby. Again he figured he would just go along with it...... She then pulled up her shirt and started nursing her doll! Gokhan thought he would DIE. He had to convince her that the doll was finished and they needed to get moving.

I got a good laugh over that.

Last night she asked if we could get our own baby Laura......I told her we just had to SHARE because there is only ONE baby in the world as good as the original Baby Laura! She agreed.

Love you, Deanne

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where did this dress come from ?

I love this chroched dress, but don't know where it came from. I'm not even sure who I got it from. If you know, please tell me. But I might not give it back! :)

I love Camarillo!

This was Laura's first visit to Camarillo! We went to Pleasant Holidays and had a fun visit with my friends in HR and Accounts Payable. That was a fun 4 years of my life, great friends, good company to work for, and GREAT perks! Oahu and Maui with other employees for the FAM trip, Oahu with Mom and Dad, Grand Caymen in the Caribbean with Julie, Maui with Kelly (for her 18th birthday!) and also with Deanne, Gokan and Gamze, and the Big Island and Maui with Joel for our honeymoon.
The amazing thing is I did not pay for airfare on ANY of those trips! And actually the only one I paid for a hotel was Grand Caymen! The rest I won or used free nights I had accrrued. Wow. Talk about terrific.
Grandma and Grandpa loved having Laura, Mom and I there for the weekend. It was fun to be back. Sadly I did not get to The Habit for a burger and chocolate shake. Joel and I used to go to The Habit and I would get a hamburger and then we would go to In-n-Out for his hamburger and then go eat in the park. Each of us would declare our hamburger to be THE ABSOLUTE BEST. But know this, Joel was wrong. Habit is WAYYY better!!! If you've been lucky enought to have eaten there, I know you'll agree with me!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How embarassing!

I am so embarassed! I haven't posted to my blog since Laura had her 4 month check up and soon she will have her 6 month checkup! So enjoy the posts, I think today I posted 10 posts! I will keep posting and hopefully we will soon be caught up to current events! (Like Laura eating cereal for the first time! Pictures coming soon!)

Laura rolls over!

There's no volume, so don't worry about why you can't hear! It's about 1 min 20
seconds of the CUTEST baby in the world showing off her mad rolling skills!

Sleepy baby

No Mama, I'm not falling asleep...zzzz

Cool Dude Shades

Are you talkin to me?!?


I love you!

Laura goes to work with Mommy!

The office is open Mon-Thurs so on Friday while no one was there, I took Laura in with me to get some work completed. She had a fun day, especially sitting in the chair in my office! I love my jobs!!! Job 1:Mamma Job 2:Executive Assistant for the most wonderful bosses ever! And I would know, having surrived working for "The Boggs" at Pleasant Holidays!

New hat for Fat cheeks

Thanks Terry for the CUTE hat! Terry works with me and is SO generous with her time! She made Laura a bracelet that spells out her name, which is so cute. I love these pics of her with her fat chipmunk cheeks!

Curly hair!

When Laura's hair is wet it is so curly! That's from Joel. When it dries it is straight. That's from me. I love to leave it curly after her bath and have it dry like that, instead of combing it out, but then Joel thinks she has crazy hair!

Little Ballerina!

I LOVE this outfit! It has tulle sewn on the onesie to make it look like she is a ballerina! I'm experamenting sewing one of these for my friend's daughter. (I'm not saying WHO in case it doesn't look so good and I decide NOT to give it to her!)

Happy Birthday Tobin!

For Tobin's b-day party, it was Sports theme! You had to wear a jersey to attend. Luckily we had the perfect outfit for Laura! I wore my jersey which I bought LAST year to wear to Tobin's birthday party. (And which I had not worn since) I've decided that it will be my once-a-year-Tobin's-party-shirt.

Laura loves cousin Perrin!

Laura plays with cousins Perrin and Pason every other Monday while Aunt Ashleigh watches everyone and I go to work. Then I go every other Thursday and watch PP&L while Ash goes to work. What a great arrrangement! Perrin loves holding Laura, and Laura loves Perrin!


I made bread with my friend Gina and Sister Sanchez. It was much more complicated than dumping ingredients into the bread maker, which is quite enjoyable. I mean, it really takes about 4 minutes to measure everything out and dump it in, and then you do NOTHING for a while and then you eat warm bread!!! So this was fun, but more work. I think I will try it again though... it was quite delicious!!! Joel agrees with me because when it came out of the oven, we ate half of one loaf right then!