Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's NOT Girly!

I got this Ralph Lauren outfit at a fancy smancy store with Ashleigh. We both thought the blue mark at the bottom of one leg was a stain, but it is the "RL" mark signifying it is a Ralph Lauren outfit. (Oh yes, of course, because my kids wear so much Ralph Lauren clothing I knew that.)
Joel was a little iffy about the outfit, but I put Ryan in it and we went to church. While nursing him during sacrament meeting I tok off his sweater and then didn't put it back on because he seemed too warm (and the sweater is an argyle/wool blend). 3, yes 3, people told me that my daughter looked so sweet, and that her eyes are so blue, and that my daughter's dimples are so cute. I had the outfit drycleaned and am going to return it. I thought it was so classic looking, but obviously others didn't think so.


Bath time, I love Ryan's wink!

Our outfits to church the Sunday before Halloween. I love Laura's fall jumper

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grrr, I'm Tigger!

First and last time in these pjs; I had to squeeeeze him into them!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Going Hawaiian!

Ryann is wearing an outfit we got from Aubry. When I pulled it out of the box of clothes Sunday morning, I said "This is so cute, and I know the perfect outfit Laura will wear today to church to match!" Laura is wearing Gamze's Hawaiian dress that Gokhan and De bought for her when we went to Hawaii for Kelly's 18th birthday. Wow, how often do you hear of someone going to Hawaii for a week for their 18th birthday? I guess when your sister works for Pleasant Holidays! We had free airfare from LAX to Maui and upgraded our hotel from a room to a suite so De, Gokahn and Gamze could stay with us. I can't believe Gamze was the age Laura is now. Although I miss Pleasant Holidays and the free trips (I went to Hawaii 6 times, the Caribean, and Washington DC) we are happy where we are now. Life is good.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you my friend?

Ryan wasn't sure if this was another baby to play with or Laura's doll, but he was happy trying to find out!

Laura or Ryan?

I tried to recreate the scene, can you tell who is Ryan and who is Laura?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween pjs

Halloween Sweetie!


Joel and I were watching a show and Laura walked up to us with the blanket on her head and said "I'm cold." She loooked like some Russian babushka in the middle of a snowstorm. I told her this is what Mama looked like at school in Idaho in the winter!

Healthy Snack

I was nursing Ryan and Laura said I want a snack. I told her to wait and I would get her something in a minute. She walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and then came back into the living room. "I have a healthy snack!" she said and proudly held up her peach.

She sat next to me holding her baby, patting her back, and eating her snack. Too funny!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Frog jammies

Laura and Ryan in their froggy pjs. Ryan is starting to show more of his personality. He's a mellow guy but doesn't put up with all of Laura's silliness!

Vegas Baby!

Our 5 year anniversary was August 12th, but August was too busy of a month so we celebrated in September by going to Las Vegas! I have wanted to see the Lion King play at Mandalay Bay for a Longgg time and this was the perfect trip! We dropped off the kids at Mary's house, Joel's mom in Victorville. The week before was crazy, getting everything ready. Joel got off early from work and we loaded up the car we dropped off Laura and Ryan and all their stuff and then got on the freeway! We made it there in about 2 ½ hours. We had booked a 2 ½ star hotel because we figured we would rather spend our money on the tickets for the Lion King play. The room had a little kitchen which was nice so I could store the milk I pumped in the fridge and wash out the pump in the sink. We got there about 10:30 pm and went right to bed because we were tired! We woke up at 5 am (yes, we were on vacation but remember I am traveling with Joel) and I pumped then we drove to the Las Vegas temple. It was about 20 min away from the strip. I expected it to be more glitzy but Joel said not every temple can look like San Diego. True. Then we had a buffet breakfast at Terrible’s casino which lived up to the name. (They were close to the temple) We changed into our swimsuits and walked across the street of our hotel to the Hard Rock to swim in their pool. The waitress said the pool chair rentals were $50. What? If we drank a bottle of water at $7 each, that goes a long way to $100… So we walked back to our hotel and swam in our very boring pool that didn’t have a lazy river, or lagoon area, or hot tub with swim up bar that I wanted to order a pina colada at, just a plain circle. We were in our hot tub when it started to drizzle but luckily it only lasted for a few moments. Then we changed and went to Paris and got our Buffet of Buffet passes. They were $49 for a 24 hour pass good for 7 casino’s buffets. We enjoyed that buffet at Paris. Inside the hotel they painted the roof light blue with clouds and had street lamps on so you felt like you were walking around outside in a Parisian atmosphere. Very fun and their buffet was very good. They had a good selection of food and delicious desserts. I had a mixed fruit tart, ├ęclair, and 2 mini lemon meringue pie (because they were so good!) Then we drove to Mandalay Bay for Lion King. Joel booked the tickets online and I glanced at the receipt when he did and read to pick up tickets 1 hour prior to show time. Hmm… doesn’t leave much time for everyone to get them, but whatever. He handed the receipt to me while he was driving and I really read it then and it said tickets must be picked up 1 hour prior to show time!! Aagh, the show starts at 4pm and it is now 3:15! I said we must valet park, your name is on the ticket stub so you must show photo id and I will drop off the car. We pulled up and he jumped out and I pulled into the Valet line. The guy asked if I was staying with them and I said no and he said then I’m sorry but we have 3 events going on today and if you’re not a guest you can’t valet park. Aagh! I pulled into their self parking structure but there was NO parking anywhere! Now it is 3:30, Joel called and said he got the tickets and where are you? I said I am trying to find parking! I finally found a spot at Luxor and started running. Literally running in my flowy skirt and nice shirt. Taxis were honking at me because I crossed a green light but I was in a hurry. I finally got back to Mandalay Bay and it is 3:52. Joel calls, where are you? “I am (gasp) running there (gasp) as fast as (gasp) I can!” I saw two workers taking a snack break and I yelled to them, I’m going to the Lion King, am I going the right way? “No, turn around and turn left! The theatre is at the back!” they yelled back. So I turned and kept running and finally ran into the hotel and I’m running into people, “Sorry, excuse me, sorry” and it is 3:57 and I finally see Joel. He gives me my ticket and we run into the theatre. I sit down and immediately stand back up. I have to go to the bathroom Right Now. The usher was closing the door but I slipped out. When I came back in the usher had me go in and then he closed the door and the lights dimmed. Wow, just barely made it! We were in row 5 from the stage and not quite center of the row but fairly close. Amazing seats! Well worth the extra money we saved from booking a lesser hotel. The show was great, the costumes were amazing! We had a great time! They added a few songs and it was very enjoyable! Then we went back to the hotel so I could pump and we took a nap as it was then 7 pm and we had had an early start! Joel set his alarm for for 9 pm but we slept through it and woke up at 10pm. We got dressed and went to Planet Hollywood for dinner but all the buffets close at 10 pm. While we were walking around some guy came up to us and asked if we wanted to go to a club. We said sure and he told us to tell the people at the line that he sent us. They moved the cord at the line for us and we went right up the escelator. Everyone in line was looking at us wondering who we were. Joel said it hypes it up and makes people in line think the club is really cool when they do that. We danced for a while and then they said on a microphone "The pussy cat dolls will be on stage in the other room in 1/2 hour!" I thought cool, I like some of their songs. So when it was time we went into the other room and then 8 girls came out. I thought, I don't remember there were that many.. amd then they started dancing and I realized that it was not the music group that I was thinkig of! We went back into the other room and danced for a while more and then went back to the hotel. When we woke up we went to Ceasar's Paace for breakfast. It was delicious! Very nice and they had an omlet guy who cooked your custom order. Joel ate 2 omlets and 3 pecan rolls! Then we walked around the hotel for a bit as it is fancy smancy and then went back to our hotel. We packed up and checked out and then walked around the stip for a bit and saw the water show at the Venetian that they show on Ocean's 11 the movie. We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch and wow. They had a diferent section for each place, Asian, Meditranian, etc. I had a little bit of everything, nan bread with hummus, crab salad, I can't even remember what else. I did have 4 peices of backlava which was so sweet! They had cotton candy which I though was display for the dessert section but then I saw a kid eating some so Joel grabbed one on our way out and ate a bit as we walked out the door so they would think we were really eating it. I do not like it and Joel only ate the one bite so we could save it for Laura as her 'we missed you' present. We drove back to Victorville, had dinner with his mom and then came back home. A very nice vacation and it made me miss and appreciate Ryan and Laura which I could not have done if I'd never left them!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy baby

Ryan is such a smiler! Everywhere we go people will say "What a happy baby!" He loves to smile and coo at you which makes you smile right back! (This is good when you are changing a poopy diaper that's shot up his back and requires a wardrobe change.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby food

Ryan had his first baby food on Sept 1, his 5 month birthday! I think he enjoyed the rice cereal.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 cute girls

Rocking the sunglasses!

Too sunny!


Thank you Gamze for sharing all your toys while we stayed with you. Thank you for paying extra special attention to Ryan and giving him lots of LOVE and kisses!

Visting the Gunvers

We enjoyed our visit to San Diego immensely! We arrived Friday night and woke up Saturday morning to abelskievers with lemon curd, or strawberry jam or syrup! Yum! Then we went to the lagoon and had a wonderful time! Gokhan did his great BBQ and De made a delicious pasta salad to go with the corn on the cob and watermelon. What a great summer dinner eaten outside!

We enjoyed our visit!

Yup, that is 107 jars/containers of baby food. GTM had Gerber, Earth's Best and Beech Nut on sale so we stocked up! Thanks also to Aubry for giving me some chicken and beef!