Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Or should I say birthday celebrationS since there were many? (Like the chimneys at Rosings Park) The first was at Grandma’s house (on my actual birthday) and the second was Saturday at my house. Joel had planned a surprise party for me, but was worried that the surprise would scare me too much and I would go into labor early. So he told me about the party and we had a fun time looking forward to it together.

At grandma’s we had my family, Deanne and Elizabeth, and Grandma and Grandpa. We had a lovely birthday dinner with beautiful place settings, the linen placemats, the nice silver, and the beautiful goblets. You did a good job Deanne. Joel asked, "Where do you get napkins that have the same design as your plates?" The answer: Solvang. Home of the DELICIOUS onion cheese bread and cinamon toast bread. We had glazed ham with sweet potatoes and green beans (all fresh from the farmers market!) The birthday cake was a Spiced Eggnog Cake. Yum!

My BEAUTIFUL handmade purse from Kelly!

At the party at my house we had a German Chocolate cake, a Confetti cake, See’s chocolates, Belgian cookies, Vanilla Bean ice cream and Rocky Road ice cream. What a dessert fest!

MANY thanks to everyone for coming to my parties, I had a wonderful time!


Anelieze Castrejon said...

Hey! Happy Birthday, Kristen! I'm glad you had such a good time. The holiday season just keeps going for you, doesn't it? Celebrations all around! And soon you'll have another celebration when you have your little girl. I'm excited for you!

The A Team said...

Happy Belated Birthday Friend!!
I haven't told my husband yet but can we sneak in a visit we are coming down there for Heather's baby blessing.. I'll let you know. It might not be long but I have to give you your baby shower gift!
We love you and glad you were able to spend your birthday with family and friends.
Oh it will be the last week of this month. Who knows we might be coming to the hospital rather than your home!
By the way you look fabulous!