Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Arrowhead

I wish I had been here for Thanksgiving, Joel and I missed the Polar Bear Plunge! Last year Joel braved the frigid waters of Lake Arrowhead with my aunts and uncles to do a plunge in the lake and swim to the shore! (I was pregnant so I had a GREAT excuse!) Joel had to work Fri and Sat so laura and I came up by ourselves. We heard that there was a 30% chance of snow, but no one belived it! Look what we woke up to!

We had a fun time putting up the Christmas lights, Laura was so bundled up!

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Cyndi said...

We went to Lake Arrowhead for Thanksgiving TOO! It was so fun to have a sunny T-day, a windy fall Friday, and a SNOWY Saturday and Sunday. I loved it and it sounds like you did too. Too bad Joel couldn't be there.