Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We had been practicing for a few days of how to find eggs, pick them up and put them in the basket. No, not putting them on the floor, don't put it on the couch, in your basket. No, not your toy basket, your pretty basket. So she was ready to go Sunday morning! We didn't put any candy in the eggs, she wouldn't eat it anyway, and really, if you have candy sitting around who is going to eat it? Me and Joel. Next year she can have candy.

What a sweetheart!

We were doing so well until she found her other basket. Her cousin was over on Saturday night and they both wanted the easter basket. So I grabbed this one so they could each have their own. Well, Laura forgot all about her basket with the pretty ribbin, and wanted to collect with this one!

Hey, where's all the eggs?

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