Sunday, March 6, 2011

Orange rolls and curly hair

I made orange rolls for breakfast and thought they were very good! The dough had cottage cheese mixed in and the filling had orange zest. The frosting on top had butter, powered sugar and orange juice. Joel took a few bites and then very calmly walked into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal. When he sat back down at the table I looked at him and he said "I didn't like it." This is a big improvement from the applesauce incident!

I bought sponge hair curlers and last night after Laura's bath put her hair in the curlers so they would dry while she slept. She looked so cute in her herringbone jumper with her curls!

No more photos please!

Someone at church brings a laundry basket every Sunday FILLED with oranges! I always take a few, and this Sun took 6. Once we got home I stripped Laura down to her diaper (because she gets Very sticky and juicy) and together we ate 4 oranges! They were Delicious!! A big Thank You to whoever is bringing them!

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