Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Favorite Things

My favorite things! (For today anyway!) I love this dress Laura is wearing! I've been waiting for 5 years for her to wear it, ever since I saw Gamze wearing it the week Joel and I got married. And I love Ryan's outfit from Pason, love the plaids!

Sweet kiss!

Handsome Guy!!!

You always need a little pick up around 3 in the afternoon, and this chocolate is so silky and smooth!

I love a clean room and made bed. Thanks for the help Laura

My newest fav thing, Laura's upholstered chair! I bought it on Craigslist (and it was UGLY!) and found this great material at 'The Pink House' and found a local guy to upholster it. Its a rocking chair AND it swivels 180 degrees! Fabulous!


Ash said...

Yes I loved that outfit Ryan is in too. It's so cute! But the best part about it is that it was only $1.50 or something when I bought it!!!

Ash said...

Side Note: Yes I finally signed up for a google account so now I can leave comments. Yeah!