Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joel's Birthday Party (#2)

Yes, Joel had two parties this year, one in Victorville at the pizza parlor with his family, and the second in Arrowhead with my family and Dad and Holly. It was so snowy that week, Ashleigh had to spend the night at Mom's in Victorville after the party! Both parties were very fun. Kelly and Grandma made a chocolate cake with gooey fudgey frosting and pecans. Yum! For those of you curious to know, he has already spent the money on the Home Depot gift cards; Joel does not wait around! Pictures of that project will be posted later. (And boy, was that a project!!! Even with stitches in my finger he expected me to help lift heavy boards!)

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Pollock Palooza said...

How fun! Okay and Joel has almost exactly the same expression as his dad!