Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stitches ...eww yuck!

Laura's bottles are glass, and so when she threw it off the highchair tray it shattered. I wanted to save the lid and nipple and I just grabbed the top and without thinking started t twist it off. Ouch! I grabbed a towel to wrap around my pinky finger which was bleeding profusley and called my Dad. i'm not sure what I expected him to do, since he was at work. He did tell me to call someone to take to the hospital. i called my mother-in-law and she came and got me and Laura. We went to urgent care and after a long wait I got into a room. The nurse was obviously training a girl who wanted to train to become a nurse; she must have been 18 or 19. While the nurse was telling the girl the steps, (fill a bowl with saline, add iodine, get gauze to clean the wound) she was doing the steps at the same time. When she got to cleaning the wound, the girl started to back up saying, "I don't feel so good..." and then she leaned against the wall. The nuse looked at her and then got off the stool and right when she reached her, the girl passed out! The nurse grabbed hold of her and started elling for another nurse to ceome help with the wheelchair, but since the door was closed I wasn't sure anyone would hear. So I grabbed my bloody towel, wrapped it around my hand, which is now bleeding again since they started cleaning it, and jumped of the bed. I grabbed the stool and wheeled it to the nurse. I set the girl on it and pushed her into the corner so she wouldn't fall off. She then went to get the wheelchair, loaded her on, and wheeled her out. The entire time I kept thinking in my mind, "Really? Did she not know there was going to be blood and guts at this job?"
So soon the Dr. came to stitch me up but she was worried. It was a very deep cut and she was worried it might have cut my tendon. She stitched it up but I have to go back to have her look at it. The flap of skin might not be "viable." I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound good! Will they have to graft from a cadeaver? Let's not think about it! Just say a prayer for me that my finger will heal well!

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HiLL said...

OH! I'm soooo sorry! How sad! I can't believe the nurse in training passed out! hahaha That is something you see on tv! Something I would do.


I'm really sorry and sad we didnt get to meet up at New Years. But, if you say my blog, Derek got his job after a week and a half being home. So we just had time to see family. And that was about it. I hope to come to Cali soon! But dont know when. If you're in utah CALL!

love & miss you all!