Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stupid! Ugh!

I am so mad/embarassed/sad! Look at my last posting; I talked about next week goign to the temple, how I was looking forward to it, etc. was last night. Oops. Joel and I were driving home and all of a sudden I said, "Wait, that is tonight!!!" We didn't have Laura's diaper bag, our clothes, recommends, anything! (Well, actually I did have my recommend in my wallet, but Joel's is in his bag.) So we called everyone but they were all on their way. So we turned around, drove to Mimi's in San Bernardino and had dinner together. Which was very fun. BUT, then Cynthia from my work called and said, "Uh, Kristen, I've been waiting for a while to meet with you to drop off and pick up paperwork, um, are you on your way?" OOPS! So then I had to apologize and say, actually I completly forgot, and I'm in San Bernardino, and let's meet tomorrow. And because she is so gracious, she said ok. I need more sleep, my brain is not working!

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Amanda said...

Something similar happened to me last night!! I had nothing really planned all day until my activities meeting at 7pm. All of a sudden I look at the clock at 6:56 and say OH CRAP! haha I got there a few minutes late (luckily I live so close!). So it happens to all of us!!