Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Ouch!" said Joel

Joel went with some friends on a motorcycle ride last night. When they were on the off ramp of the fwy, he lifted his visor and then something hit his eye. He thought perhaps it was a rock, but when it started swelling, he went to the hospital. The dr. there said it might have been a bee, and since he is allergic, that might be one reason it was so swollen. This morning when I woke up I wondered, why does Joel look so grumpy? The I realized not all of the swelling had gone down, so his eye was still puffy.

Today was our first Sunday in Nursery, (we just got called last week to be the Nursery leaders) and Joel had to leave halfway through to go to his follow-up appt with the dr. It's looking much better this afternoon, now he is just kind of squinty. I have to keep reminding myself to look at his good eye otherwise I keep trying to figure out why he's glaring at me! It's good that tomorrow is his day off, he can relax a bit!


Amanda said...

Ouch!! That definitely sounds painful, poor guy!! But how fun for you two to be in nursery!!

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

hey kristen! thanks for your comment. hope joel's eye gets better!

i haven't made the pop tarts yet, but the recipe is found at:

let me know if you make them how they turn out.

xo anelieze