Sunday, November 6, 2011

Going Hawaiian!

Ryann is wearing an outfit we got from Aubry. When I pulled it out of the box of clothes Sunday morning, I said "This is so cute, and I know the perfect outfit Laura will wear today to church to match!" Laura is wearing Gamze's Hawaiian dress that Gokhan and De bought for her when we went to Hawaii for Kelly's 18th birthday. Wow, how often do you hear of someone going to Hawaii for a week for their 18th birthday? I guess when your sister works for Pleasant Holidays! We had free airfare from LAX to Maui and upgraded our hotel from a room to a suite so De, Gokahn and Gamze could stay with us. I can't believe Gamze was the age Laura is now. Although I miss Pleasant Holidays and the free trips (I went to Hawaii 6 times, the Caribean, and Washington DC) we are happy where we are now. Life is good.

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Ash said...

FUN! Isn't that one of my outfits (for Ryan)?