Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's NOT Girly!

I got this Ralph Lauren outfit at a fancy smancy store with Ashleigh. We both thought the blue mark at the bottom of one leg was a stain, but it is the "RL" mark signifying it is a Ralph Lauren outfit. (Oh yes, of course, because my kids wear so much Ralph Lauren clothing I knew that.)
Joel was a little iffy about the outfit, but I put Ryan in it and we went to church. While nursing him during sacrament meeting I tok off his sweater and then didn't put it back on because he seemed too warm (and the sweater is an argyle/wool blend). 3, yes 3, people told me that my daughter looked so sweet, and that her eyes are so blue, and that my daughter's dimples are so cute. I had the outfit drycleaned and am going to return it. I thought it was so classic looking, but obviously others didn't think so.

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Ash said...

ok I think it is SO cute! And he totally looks like a boy (with tht sweater on). But without the sweater on, the edges do look kind of ruffly.