Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We had a fun time getting our cowboy costumes put together. We patronized our local thrift shop and my dad's closet. He was kind enough to drive to Joel's work and drop off spurs, hat, belt and whip. The spurs were the highlight of the costume! Joel loved wearing them! We went to a fun party for one of Joel's coworkers, and on Halloween we went to Tobin and Aubry's ward trunk or treat with Ashleigh, Shenn, Perrin, Payson, Mom and Tom. It was fun passing out candy; Aizlyn Perrin and Payson looked great!
I got 2 pounds of chocolate from a coworker, and was not sure what to do with that much chocolate! Then I got the brilliant idea, carmel apples! I dipped them in carmel, let them set in the fridge, then dipped them in chocolate and rolled them nuts! Wow! They were delicious!

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