Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It was a wicked and wild wind

Joel and I went to the Coldplay concert last night at the Honda Center with his sister Ashleigh and her husband Shenn, and Joel's mom and stepdad. The concert was great, we really enjoyed it! The last time I saw Coldplay in concert was in Utah in2003! Joel and I got to the Honda center early and decided to go to dinner at The Lazy Dog Cafe. It was decorated with pictures of the staff and their dogs, the chairs and booths were printed with dog material, and the tables had dog prints burned onto the table. If you were into that sort of doggy thing, it would be pretty cute. Joel said this was our last big thing before the baby is born; romantic dinner just the two of us, fun concert, no worrying about a babysitter... Man, we can't wait for Laura to be born! Only 9 weeks left!


Pollock Family said...

Alright, Justin's mad now. His comment was, "WHAT?!! I thought we were friends?" What's with Joel mom not inviting us too? :)

Anelieze Castrejon said...

Hi, Kristen! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :) hey I'm looking for your address again~ would you be able to email it to me? or leave a comment :) You're so close!! love, Anelieze