Friday, November 14, 2008

Tai Pan!

So Joel and I went to the new Tai Pan store, and I have to say, it was worth all the hype! What a cool store! We got the two Halloween signs (at 75% off!) and a decorative garden thing (not pictured). I had a grand opening flyer to get the three snowmen free with any purchase, and a $10 off gift card! So when we went to the register, the girl rung it up and said, "Your total is $0.18!" Joel and I looked at each other and thought WHAT? We asked her if she had rung everything up, was there a mistake? No, no mistake, with the Halloween discount and the $10 off, the total was seventeen cents, with tax at one penny, the total was eighteen cents! WOW!!! Joel has already informed me we will be going back once Christmas is over to get the sale items. He's already found a lot of decorative pieces he wants!

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Anonymous said...

I picked up some cool Halloween things after 2007 Halloween that I put up in my place for this 2008 Halloween. ;)