Sunday, August 2, 2009

I love Camarillo!

This was Laura's first visit to Camarillo! We went to Pleasant Holidays and had a fun visit with my friends in HR and Accounts Payable. That was a fun 4 years of my life, great friends, good company to work for, and GREAT perks! Oahu and Maui with other employees for the FAM trip, Oahu with Mom and Dad, Grand Caymen in the Caribbean with Julie, Maui with Kelly (for her 18th birthday!) and also with Deanne, Gokan and Gamze, and the Big Island and Maui with Joel for our honeymoon.
The amazing thing is I did not pay for airfare on ANY of those trips! And actually the only one I paid for a hotel was Grand Caymen! The rest I won or used free nights I had accrrued. Wow. Talk about terrific.
Grandma and Grandpa loved having Laura, Mom and I there for the weekend. It was fun to be back. Sadly I did not get to The Habit for a burger and chocolate shake. Joel and I used to go to The Habit and I would get a hamburger and then we would go to In-n-Out for his hamburger and then go eat in the park. Each of us would declare our hamburger to be THE ABSOLUTE BEST. But know this, Joel was wrong. Habit is WAYYY better!!! If you've been lucky enought to have eaten there, I know you'll agree with me!

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