Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nursing the baby

This is an excerpt from an email my aunt Deanne sent me. Her husband is Gokan and 5 year old daughter is Elizabeth. (Keep in mind while reading that Elizabeth is 5!)

On friday night I went to see Julie & Julia (cute) with my work friends. Gokhan and Elizabeth took a walk around the lake while I was gone. Elizabeth wanted to take her stroller and baby with her, Gokhan figured it was easier to just go along with it rather than argue with her. So off they went. Half way around they came to a bench and Elizabeth told Gokhan that she needed to stop and feed her baby. Again he figured he would just go along with it...... She then pulled up her shirt and started nursing her doll! Gokhan thought he would DIE. He had to convince her that the doll was finished and they needed to get moving.

I got a good laugh over that.

Last night she asked if we could get our own baby Laura......I told her we just had to SHARE because there is only ONE baby in the world as good as the original Baby Laura! She agreed.

Love you, Deanne

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